Experts trying to decipher what are the nightmares

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Autoconhecimento.Tudo what happens in the dream level has the function of regulating emotions.

Mechanism dream still requires research and investigations

Published in Journal OTEMPO on 22/02/2012
They come from nowhere. Some are creepy, dark and make us wake up sweating and scared. In most cases, are distressing. We tried to scream, and the voice does not come out. The feeling is of a sudden fall in the abyss and free. Other times, imprisonment. Nightmare does not mark time and sometimes can literally (pun unavoidable), become a nightmare in the lives of people. The good news is that modern advances in neurology ensure the person has the power to direct their own dreams in a limited way.

Imagine if, instead of an executioner, you can put Rodrigo Santoro or Murilo Rosa, for example, in his bad dream. That’s right, they say that someone who has a recurring nightmare can learn to replace your terrifying script for a milder version.

Good or bad dreams are mixtures created by unconscious processes, sorts and saves the day emotions, repressed memories and hidden desires.

“If they were mere random activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex, would not be possible to have the same dream more than once. This proves, as Freud said, they have meaning and are motivated by their experiences during wakefulness, “says neuroscientist Siddhartha Reddy, 39, head of the laboratory of the International Institute of Neuroscience of Natal and a leading researcher on the subject in Brazil.

Persistence. Experts say that is common in esquecermosdos nightmares when we wake up, but the feeling of helplessness and anxiety without apparent cause endures and bother during the day

“We take the trouble sleeping at night and work,” says Rosalind Cartwright, a professor of neuroscience at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, who for 50 years studying sleep.

In his book “The Twenty-Four Hour Mind” (“Mind 24”), she explains that the brain registers the unfinished emotional issues of the day and during REM sleep (where the eyes move rapidly and dreams occur ), mixed with ancient memories related.”The dream is to debug the recent negative emotion. It’s like you wiped your hard drive to suffer less during the day, “says Rosalind.

“In Tibetan Yoga, is practiced lucid dream, one in which the person is aware of dreaming, reasons. It communicates with the external environment by eye movements or thumb and decides the contents of the plot, “says Siddhartha Reddy.

Another technique is to dream incubation searched first in the 1990s by Deirdre Barrett of Harvard Medical School. According to the psychologist, the patient should write your problem in a short sentence and place the note next to the bed. Before sleep, review the problem and, lying down, view the question. While falling asleep, you should tell yourself that you dream about the problem. Upon waking, must lie, noticing the remnants of a dream, and write down to remember.

Therapy is similar to test image, developed by Barry Krakow, Centre of Maimonides Sleep Arts and Science, New Mexico (USA). Consists of a waking state, recalling the nightmare in detail and write it changed its order for a pleasant outcome or even a different dream. Then, the person must test the new version once daily, for 20 minutes, for two weeks.

In order to Lacanian psychoanalyst Hisgail Fani, there is a long road to travel “between the dream told that the material is worked in cognitive therapy, and dreamed a dream, that keeps repressed elements”. Nightmares give us clues.Write them down.

58% of women and 37% of men have nightmares.
80% of people have occasional nightmares in response to stress.
10% of adults have frequent nightmares that persist on average for 12 years.

Many adults have bad dreams when they do it wrong
Nightmares depend on the age. “When they do with babies, are natural. The consciousness of the baby is still very fragile and, for him, the world is too threatening, color is no longer pink, as in the uterus. The baby is cold, hunger, heat, pain, feels abandoned by his mother, “says psychologist Fernando Rocha Noble.”This reality shock causes the psyche produces dreams to adjust emotions to reality,” he says.

After this phase, the nightmares are expressions of the unconscious to show us something. “The dreams reveal that we are not acting or reacting the way we should.Arise when you are settled at some point in life, adapted to it and can not renew.Show that you are acting inappropriately to this situation and you need to upgrade, “says Rocha Noble.

The psychologist explains that every update creates pain. “People do not change no suffering, no pain. It may be that changes may by images of death and usually express anxiety and pain. If the person does not have the feeling of death, can not change, and moves, this only occurs in the mental or rational, “he says.

Therefore, Noble said Rocha, it is common to wake up a vague sense of anxiety, inadequacy, to the world. “What does not suspect is that during the night, nightmares plagued us asking us to change now.” (AED)

Chapter VIII of The Book of Spirits

Dreams are the product of the emancipation of the soul, which becomes more independent by suspending the active life and relationship. Hence a kind of indefinite clairvoyance which extends to the most distant places or ever seen, and sometimes even to other worlds. Hence also the reminder that retraces the events recorded in memory in this life or in previous lifetimes. The extravagance of images referring to what is happening or has happened in unknown worlds, interspersed with things of this world, these sets form bizarre and confusing that seem to have neither sense nor link. The incoherence of dreams still explains the gaps arising from incomplete recollection of what appeared in the dream. As a report to which it had truncated sentences or parts of sentences at random: the remaining fragments being gathered, they would lose all meaning rational.

404. What about the significance attributed to dreams?

– Dreams are not real, they understand the Ledores luck, so it is absurd to assume that advertises one thing to dream of another. They are true in order to make real images for the Spirit, but often have no relation to what is happening in the bodily life. Often, though, as we have said, are a memory. May be. Finally, sometimes a presentiment of the future, if God permits, or vision of what is happening right now in another place, that the soul is transported. Have ye not many examples of people who appear in dreams to warn relatives and friends of what they are going? What are these apparitions, but the soul or spirit of these people that communicate with yours?

When you acquire the certainty that what you saw really happened, is not this a proof that the imagination has nothing with the fact, especially if the incident was absolutely not in your mind while awake?

We realized that we read the above fragments, we are led to believe that the significance of dreams are nothing more than opportunistic statements to take advantage of someone, in rare situations it may be a message from God, but let’s be rational and we will try to live our lives smoothly.


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