World Health Organization announces global map of depression

Major depressive episode

The major depressive episode (MDE, its acronym in English) is a considerable concern for public health in all regions of the world and has strong links with social conditions.

This is the main conclusion of a study that gathered epidemiological data from 18 countries, including Brazil. The results were presented in the report of the MOU transnational Epidemiology, published Tuesday in the open access journal BMC Medicine.

The MOU is a set of symptoms called major depression disorder, characterized by a highly persistent and severe depression.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of effort on the part of health professionals to clarify about psychopathologies such as depression, panic, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other disorders that affect every day a greater number of people.

You need to get information for coping in the specific case of depression, with this disease when it arises in someone who is near or in ourselves. Let’s try some basic clarification of the issue:

Depression is not sadness – when we are sad for some reason, we say that we are depressed. It is an inappropriate use of the word, and undermines the understanding of what depression actually is. Depression is a persistent state of deep sorrow that he even undermine the social and professional life, preventing the person move on with their normal activities. Faced with hard times in life, it is natural to feel sad. The mourning for a loved one is natural and necessary, but after a few months can not resume activities of normal life, there may be a depression and then there is the need for medical help.

Depression is not weakness of character – there is a bias very common to find that those who suffer from depression are making soft body, has no strong character or willpower to react. Faced with someone depressed, it is common for people to say “- to react, not weak.” This type of comment is inappropriate. Who does not know what to say, it is better to be silent. Depression is a disease that affects the chemical brain, causing a deficit of some neurotransmitters, for example, norepinephrine, is responsible for the feeling of well being. Who is this condition usually can not react without help. The fact that someone call the poor depressed makes you feel even more guilty, further aggravating the state it is. It is better, if possible, offer features such as the help of a qualified professional.

Depression is not crazy – seems to lie, but many people are prejudiced to admit depressed, not only not to be considered weak, but also not to be considered crazy.It is common for people to linger in seeking help for psychological or psychiatric prejudice or fear of being crazy or being considered in this way. They refuse to use the medication prescribed by your doctor, because using it is an accepted form of the disease, admit they are crazy or admit they are weak and can not overcome the problem without the help of medicine. After all, everyone has some bias in seeking these professionals, and usually only when they are searched completely lost control of our lives. It is also common to discontinuation of treatment on their own. The patient, to feel good by taking the medication, the medication deliberately interrupts, further complicating their treatment. Worse are those who self-medicate, obtaining illegally selling controlled drugs, endangering their own lives.

Sources and factors influencing depression – there are several medical and statistical evidence that depression has a strong hereditary component, however, are not only internal and physiological factors that lead to disease manifestation.The article highlights research that speaks of social, gender, age, culture and training of the individual. All these factors can create conditions that predispose or inhibit the manifestation of depression. The fact that someone had a good crop and be well-informed person will probably have less resistance to accept medical treatment, other than that, being ignorant about it, refuse it.

Obsession and depression – is a factor that mainstream science ignores, and which can trigger numerous physical ailments or mental, which is the spiritual obsession.Without ignoring the influence of other factors already mentioned, the science spirit finds that the influence is obsessive trigger depression. In this case, already pre-existed other factors that add to the obsessive process, resulting in depression and also affecting the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Medical treatment is also necessary, but the spiritual problem can be cared for by a spiritual treatment.

Medical treatment and spiritual – the spiritual home in a spirit can certainly help in the recovery of those suffering from depression. But under no circumstances, the spiritual dispense medical treatment. Anyone suffering from depression should, therefore, seek professional help and, in parallel, you can get some complementary therapy of your choice and according to his belief, but that does not interfere with medical treatment. There are few cases where a patient who had been treated only with medical treatment and showed an improvement too slow or insignificant, has a much improved after starting treatment spiritual.

Health and spirituality – as I said earlier, blaming the illness on the patient is somewhat counterproductive. You should understand that the individual is temporarily unable to react. From the materialistic point of view and who can see only the present life, this is an absolute truth, but in terms of spirit, this is only half true. It is a fact that the individual is because of your body, “chemically incapacitated”, requiring medical treatment, but from the standpoint of spiritual life, that we are builders. It is not simply for his guilt in saying that depression is a weakness of character, but, considering the existence of a just and good God, for it allows one to be born with the disease and others are born chemically happier ? By chance? Randomness of genetics? That justice and goodness in that? Who is replaced by a deeper understanding of life through spiritualism, he discovers that many live stock and we keep track of these stocks in our perisprit. As we begin a new incarnation, the law of affinity, we attract the genetic evidence and consistent with the atonement that we need to live this life. The process is complex and requires a thorough study of Spiritualism, but under the spiritist perspective, there are no victims.

We are all responsible for the happiness or unhappiness. This design is not a cruel but liberating. Cruel is being trapped in victimhood, where we are left to do but to lament the bad luck. We forge our own destiny. Happiness or misery is the product of our sowing. If we suffer today is because we planted yesterday suffering. It is for us today, aware of this fact, we believe that is the ability to overcome and change our future, relying on all the resources we have. We must be careful not to blame that immobilizes food and degrades the human being. Instead, we must feed the awareness that the future is in our hands and if we are required to reap the fruits of the past, today the plant is free. This awareness provides strength and responsibility to overcome the difficulties that are merely lessons to educate us on the laws of life.

Breno Henrique de Sousa


“Only we can turn this around and the output is within each one.”


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