After criticism, the city in the U.S. suspends trading of imprisonment for Masses

A city in the U.S. state of Alabama had to suspend a criminal rehabilitation program that would allow criminals to avoid arrest “embrace Jesus.”

Bay Minette, who is named in the Bible Belt in the southern United States, caused controversy by proposing that convicted of nonviolent crimes to exchange jail time for attendance at Sunday Mass for a year.

However, the proposal raised the ire of human rights activists, and the program is in the refrigerator until the authorities to assess the points for and against.

The so-called Operation Restore Our Community (ROC) was born of an encounter between police and religious leaders of the city, told the local newspaper Press-Register the sheriff of Bay Minette, Mike Rowland.

“We all agree that the root of our crime problems is the erosion of family values and morals. We have children raising children and parents who do not instigate the values in young people, “he said.

The program’s supporters say the move may rationalize the use of resources for rehabilitation of convicts. While the city spends $ 75 a day for each prisoner, the sheriff argued, there are over one hundred churches in the region that could “receive” the first criminal conviction.

They would have to sign an attendance sheet, and pastors police would report on the frequency of those enrolled in the program.

Full story: BBC Brazil


We must beware of half-truths. Taking an indisputable point of view to promote our interests is not a wise practice. We can not deny that the teachings of Jesus are the best way to make the modification of an intimate person. But then draw the conclusion that we must force others to follow a religion goes a great distance.In the article in question, we see clearly that the true intention of the municipality is not the improvement of the intimate other, but cost containment and diversion of responsibility.

So, the activists are right to challenge this position? In part yes. If we look with eyes to see, in most discussions both parties have a portion of the truth. Well analyzed the arguments, opening our minds to dialogue and reason on the other reach the right thing. Over the centuries, mankind has suffered the consequences of violent extremist positions that flood in society. Today I received an email that demonstrates this well: “it started when Madeline Murray O’Hare (she was murdered) complained that it was not want prayer in American schools as it was traditionally, and we agree with your opinion. Then someone said you better not read the Bible in school … The Bible teaches us that we should not kill, steal, and love our neighbor as ourselves. And we agree with this one. “(Message” Is God to blame? “). Thus, we giving up valuing our spiritual side and away from God in our lives and our institutions.

Operation Restore Our Community (ROC) is correct in his idea that there is an enormous need to spiritualize those who are unbalanced and they forgot about the moral limits of right and wrong. The problem arises when you want to force them to a cult, turning them into Catholic and if so, in spirit, Evangelical, Buddhist or any other religion. The human rights activists are right to defend the free choice of their religion, but are limited by their perception that the spiritualization or religion should be left aside.

Equivocamo we find ourselves constantly that the end is to be of any religious designation and forget that they are all just a means of achieving the purpose of all or any religion: the contact with the Divine and improves close of each one of us.

A good solution would be to create Centers of Religion, without any specific religious designation and directed a precept that was used by Allan Kardec writing in “The Gospel According to Spiritism”: “They can be divided into five parts contained in the materials Gospels: the ordinary acts of life of Christ, miracles, predictions: the words that were taken by the Church to ground their dogmas, and moral teaching. The first four have been controversial, the latter, however, remained constantly challenged. Given this divine code, the very unbelief bends. It is the land where all faiths can come together, under the banner which can all put up, whatever their beliefs, because he was never matter of religious disputes, which always and everywhere arose the dogmatic questions (emphasis ours). ”

Humanity needs to learn to live with their differences and only through the spiritualization of each will be able to undertake this work. Therefore it is important to encourage in every moment of our lives. We know that the removal of religion was due to trauma created by religions for centuries. But even so it lost its importance. We will only achieve its performance when it becomes highlighted, guiding and influencing all our relationships work, study, entertainment or rest. For us beware of religious fanaticism, remember the advice found in “The Gospel According to Spiritism”: “There is virtue in take in stern and gloomy aspect, in repelirdes the pleasures that you allow your human condition. Just reporteis every act of your life to the Creator who gave it to you, just that when you begin a work or acabardes, eleveis thought this Creator and gives Exact, a burst of soul, or to obtain for their protection success or their blessing to it, if concluístes. In everything you do, remontai the Source of all things, so that none of your actions cease to be purified and sanctified by the remembrance of God. ”

Cristiano Carvalho Assis


Sobre Fábio Duarte

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