Oprah Winfrey writes program with the medium João de Deus

Oprah spiritualism spiritual surgery

Oprah spiritualism spiritual surgery

The TV host Oprah Winfrey U.S. recorded on Thursday, 29, an interview with the medium John of God, famous internationally for its operations in the city of spiritual Abadiânia, 115 kilometers from Brasilia. She arrived in the United States in the early hours of Wednesday to a Thursday in private jet that went down in Brasilia.

From the capital, went to Abadiania, which is 115 km in order Goiânia. Oprah came to town in Goiás around 9 hours with a team of 15 people – security, cameramen and technicians, its program. It was the first time that Oprah Winfrey traveled to South America

In Abadiânia she accompanied the spiritual works of João de Deus for the morning and afternoon. João de Deus provides jobs for former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and also the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Lula has already been cured of a cancer of the larynx, Chavez is still under treatment.

In the morning, and the presence of Oprah Winfrey, John of God entered the doctor José Valdivino; afternoon, the doctor Jose Augusto. Throughout the day were several psychic surgeons, both calls and the invisible visible.

The entity that incorporated João de Deus invited Oprah to closely monitor the operations visible. She held the instruments as he did the surgery.

Oprah Winfrey said she was very impressed with the cases he heard, because it highlighted some during the service. She and her staff had lunch with officials of the house where João de Deus meets. After lunch she recorded interview with the medium.

Oprah Winfrey also visited the House of soup, which provides food to the needy people of Abadiania, and is maintained by João de Deus. “It was an amazing experience. I am still processing all the information. What you have here is a gift, “said the presenter.

She said that goes to Abadiânia motivated by the popularity of João de Deus outside of Brazil, by the accounts of healing that she heard. “I wanted to see with my own eyes.”

He had been a protagonist of her program, but it was the first time they met. She promised to return. “It goes back even. Oprah is blessed, deserves all he could. ”

Oprah Winfrey said she was impressed with the size of the city of Abadiania. “I never imagined there was something so important in a city so small.” The arrival of Ophah caused a stir among the foreigners who were in town.

Source: Estadão


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3 respostas para Oprah Winfrey writes program with the medium João de Deus

  1. Ana Oliveira disse:

    Great piece, but it needs to be translated accurately from Portuguese into English.I read in both languages.
    Starting with the title, Oprah Winfrey tapes a program with the medium John of god.
    Then it goes on to say that she arrives in the us,instead of Brazil…”the private jet went down in Brasilia”as posed to the private jet landed in Brasilia, and so on…

  2. Ana Oliveira disse:

    Typo on opposed.sorry

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