Dreams and their meanings

At certain times I have extreme positions because of the mystique that people have about certain subjects. When people ask me the meaning of dreams “in the Spiritist view,” I reply as soon as they are reflections of our daily unimportant, so do to impact it, see if it arouses the interest in finding out more, look for other sources in addition to weekly magazines horoscopes, and most importantly, stop to think that Spiritualism is magic, or something.

See for example, tonight I dreamed that my youngest son was being abandoned, and was in a state of suffering for it, I woke up around 2 am, got up went to his room and found him totally uncovered, shivering and almost falling out of bed here in Belo Horizonte is cold these days, breaking records for the coldest nights. In “practical instructions on the Spiritist manifestations” of Allan Kardec, we have:
Emancipation of the soul – particular state of life during which the soul, detaching himself from his material bonds, recovers some of its faculties of Spirit and enter more easily into contact with incorporeal beings. This state is mainly manifested by the phenomenon of dreams, soniloquia, the dual-view, the natural or magnetic somnambulism and ecstasy.

Note that as spirits do not sleep, they interact, are grouped. This indicates that dream I had was a request for help from my son, after all we are kindred spirits.

The Spirits Book:

400. The incarnate spirit remains willing in body wrap?

– It’s like asking if the prisoner is satisfied under the keys. The incarnated spirit aspires incessantly to the release, and the coarser is the wrap, more want to see is disengaged.

401. During sleep, the soul as the body rests?

– No, the Spirit is never idle. During sleep, the bonds that unite the body is loose and the body does not need the Spirit. Then he travels through space and enter into more direct relationship with the other spirits.

(…) You know that when the body rests, the Spirit has more colleges than in the waking state. Has the memory of the past and sometimes predict the future, get more power and can enter into communication with other spirits, either this world or another. (…)

404. What about the significance attributed to dreams?

– Dreams are not real, they understand the Ledores luck, so it is absurd to assume that advertises one thing to dream of another. They are true in order to make real images for the Spirit, but often have no relation to what is happening in the bodily life. Often, though, as we have said, is a reminder.

Dreams can bring meaning, but believe that their future will be unveiled through them, will win in lotteries of any kind through dreams, this is fantasy, or as some like, pure mysticism. Returning to the story that exposed the issues see below:

414. Two people who know you can visit during sleep?

– Yes, and many others, who think do not know, meet and talk. You can have without the suspeites, friends in another country. The fact visitardes during sleep, friends, relatives, acquaintances, people you can be useful, it is so frequent that the realizais almost every night.

415. What might be the usefulness of these nocturnal visits, if you do not remember?

– Ordinarily, upon awakening, there is an intuition that is often the source of certain ideas that arise spontaneously, without being able to explain them, and are nothing more than the ideas he had imbibed in those meetings.

Reading the above questions Spiritualist explanation satisfied me on the subject, but my dream was a warning, confusing, but it was, and my intuition made me get up and go into the bedroom of the child to ascertain his condition. Now the fact that he is being abandoned in a bank, among other peculiarities of the dream, I will not be writhing to “break” because the fact was enough for me to have brought comfort to my son is enough, and I am very thankful to God for such possibilities, and I am also grateful to the spirits who helped this “message”.


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