Hands sweat, the body shakes, the breath pants, a sensation of nausea and that undeniable fast beating of the heart.

        All these are signals of one of the modern ailments: anxiety.

        Life today is plenty of demands: at work, in the family, in social relationships.

        Each day we have more and more duties, commitments, pending issues. A huge list of things to do. And time is not always enough.

        That unpleasant feeling of having to do more than what we can actually handle then takes place.

        It’s common to hear people complaining: I have so much to do but I just would like to go to sleep, to be with my family, to watch a good movie, or to play with my pets….

        On the other hand, the demands of modern times compel us to take courses, to improve our knowledge. It is the information era.

        How can we manage all these with the natural desire of learning, improving our lives, enjoying opportunities, and evolving?

        Equilibrium is the solution.

        The desire for progress and improvement is as natural in the ethical-moral field as it is in the intellectual one.

        It is part of human nature to be permanently learning, gaining knowledge and adding up value to its cultural baggage.

        However, the biggest problem of our days is the absence of limits. We are more and more dominated by external pressure, subjugated by the imposition of different social groups.

        We rarely think by ourselves. We do not have the habit of reflecting on what really interests us.

        Generally, we make decisions under extreme pressure. Result: we wish to do a bit of everything. We want to read everything; we do not wish to be taken as someone who is not well informed.

        And the immediate consequence is stress. The body cannot take so much pressure: it gets sick.

        Our reaction to this globalized world should be serene: I am going to learn what I can, when I can and in my own rhythm without forcing my nature.

        I am going to work at the limit of my strength, doing the best I can, but without the obligation of proving anything to my bosses or colleagues.

        What is the meaning of all this? To be at the command of our own lives.

        There is a Jesus’ phrase which is very meaningful to our days: Do not worry about what you have for eating or drinking. Is not the body more than the garment?

* * *

        If you believe in God, keep in mind that you will never be left aside.

        Everything will be all right if you are in peace, and peace will produce a healthy body. And with it you can work, provide your family and acquire the goods you wish.

        Just be cautious: do not let yourself get involved in the world swirl in a way that it drags you into the hurricane eye of stress.

        Watch your reactions. Observe your life plans. Ask yourself: What do I want all this for?

        Make a difference between the superfluous and the necessary and check if your choice is not contaminated by the excess.

        In the end you will see that in a totally natural process anxiety will slowly disappear.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 3 2008.


Sobre Fábio Duarte

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