The name of God

Amongst those people who claim to believe in God, it is usual to hear expressions referring to His name.

There are some who claim the name of God for any reason. Or for no reason at all.

Others say using the holy name of God, for whatever reason, is a great disrespect for the Father of Life.

Naturally, each one defends one’s ideas, brimming with arguments and explanations, as if this was some fundamental issue for life in society.

Opposed to claiming the name of God, we have curse words and foul expressions, drenching our souls with dense, negative vibrations.

Likewise, the urges of tormented souls, the rebellions spring from each one’s intimacy, influencing the coexistence of many, are usually revealed in pornography.

We should agree that, looking at both situations, it is much better if people got used to talk about God.

Each and every mention of the Creator of Worlds brings waves of harmony to whoever should express it, and also to those around him.

A simple exclamation, uttered in a single syllable, in a casual mention of the Father-Creator, is always welcome.

The impact caused by the vibration of God brings positive, beneficial fluids for our existence.

Therefore, facing the issue of saying God or sparing His precious name, we should choose to keep talking about God, talking to project His name.

We are not arguing for empty uses. About those who say it meaninglessly, with no moral repercussions.

But we should not be affected by that.

Let us look at the sky and remember God’s glories. Let us be dazzled by the scintillating stars, singing about the excellences of the Lord, and let us utter His name in gratitude.

Let us open the windows in the morning welcoming a new day and praising the name of God, Who has allowed us to live one more day on Earth.

Let us embrace our children and remind them of God’s name, Sublime Providence that sustains our life every day.

Let us write someone a message of optimism and remember to invoke the name of God, whishing peace.

Let us pray for those suffering the pain of loneliness, of imprisonment, of the prosecution of men and remind them of the name of God, Reason of all reasons.

Facing painful suffering, let us talk about the Lord, the explanation of all explanations, of all theses.

Enraptured by the music that leads to special states of the soul, let us bear in mind the name of God, Who created harmony and aesthetics.

Charmed by the rhythm of the verses of a poem, thankful for the light in our eyes, for the sound of our voice, for the breadth of nature around us, let us talk about God.

Graced by the love of a spouse, a mother, a brother, a friend, let us thank God for the feeling pervading our souls.

Finally, let us try to attune our psyches to God whenever we experience the deepest emotions, the brightest feelings, the happiest exhilarations.

*   *   *

The name of God, whether pronounced, written or thought, as long as it is also felt, imprints us with great joy, deep delight and sublime chords of peace.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the chapter
A paz do nome de Deus, from the book 
Em nome de Deus, by the Spirit 
José Lopes Neto, psychographed 
by Raul Teixeira, ed. Fráter.
March 01.2010.


Sobre Fábio Duarte

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  1. You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

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